Actor Yomi Fabiyi reveals a secrets that happened between him and Actress MO bimbe in 2016

By: Sarkolee / July 23rd, 2022 / 85 views

A well-known Nollywood actor, producer, director, and social media influencer is Yomi Fabiyi. On the other side, Adebimpe Oyebade is a well-known producer, director, and social media influencer in Nollywood.

Is it true that Yomi Fabiyi asked you to offer him sex before giving you a role in his movie? Adebimpe was asked by one of her fans early this week when she started a question and answer segment on her Instagram stories. Adebimpe claims Yomi Fabiyi didn’t ask her to engage in sex with him; instead, he invited her out after the movie, but she declined. She refused to date him, so they started to fight.

Yomi Fabiyi recently addressed Adebimpe Oyebade on his own Instagram page. He instructed her to quit disparaging him in a lengthy note that he shared. She was called out for having the audacity to name persons in the film industry to whom she had offered sex.

Adebimpe Oyebade was introduced to by Yomi Fabiyi as having met him on

In 2016, he uploaded a screenshot of their conversation on social media.

See screenshots of his extensive Instagram post below:

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