Actress Angela Eguavoen appreciates doctor who moulded her bumbum [see pictures]

By: Sarkolee / July 30th, 2022 / 78 views

Angela Eguavoen, a rising star in Nollywood, has revealed how she acquired her enormous wealth. Angela gained notoriety after landing the role of Ivie in the Africa Magic original crime drama “Enakhe,” which is set in contemporary Benin City.

Eguavoen, who has appeared in films including “Inafe,” “Still Born,” and “Dry Tears,” reiterated on her Instagram page that her enormous behind is a gift from God and not a result of medical intervention.

The actress also disparaged several of her coworkers who had terrible results after undergoing surgery to improve their bodies.

She wrote: “Na this pishure dey make some people think say I do BBL. Bodywey God carry give me some people fit swear say I construct am. Body wey I no too see as a big deal sef. Well na the almighty sculptor run am and He finish work


I think BBL and natural bodies differences are pretty obvious and not hard to discern. All BBL bodies have almost same shape.


Anyhow, I have absolutely nothing against being bold enough to go under the knife or fixing any part of your body you don’t like. Like I said, “your body” you decide what you want with it. Cause if today I decide to be an ojukokoro and want bigger bum for more “self validation” I’ll get it done and I’ll do it right.


Abeg make una dey try to carry wetin una thighs fits carry, it actually looks sexier then overload.

Aaaaaarrrrrrrrgggghhh🤦🏻‍♀️ I care a lot, so please tell your doctor to pay keen attention to the side bum, cause looking at some of y’all bum from the side ehn, e no dey smooth, hello. E dey look godo godo godo(Bini) pardon my Edo language, but yeah.


You pay so much for that body so make sure to go all out to the right doctor and the very perfect size for your body.


So that when you finally decide to chke people, e go really chke not the one they’ll be mocking ur bum, calling it “square box” to your face and behind your back😁


Phewwwwww. I usually don’t write this long caption but,



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