Actress Bidemi Kosoko reacts to Peggy ovire advices to their fellow ladies

By: Sarkolee / November 21st, 2022 / 54 views

Actress Bidemi Kosoko reacts to Peggy ovire advices to their fellow ladies

The actress from Nollywood, Bidemi Kosoko, responded to Peggy Ovire’s advice to women.

Peggy Ovire reportedly gave advice to women at her traditional wedding, according to NGV.

The recentlywed gave her gender advice to stick with their financially strapped boyfriends. Peggy gave herself as an example, mentioning how she is happy she stuck by Frederick Leonard when he was broke.

She observed how many people had praised her for marrying Frederick without realizing that she had supported him during his darkest moments.

Frederick has been honoring his promise to spoil Peggy, as revealed by Peggy.

Women’s advice from Peggy Ovire

She said: “When I see on the internet people say ‘Peggy you are lucky, but they don’t know what I have been through. I have stood by this man.

have met a man who said Peggy I would take care of you be patient, he promised to spoil me and Frederick has been spoiling me.I hope this goes to the internet, every girl should be patient. I have been patient”.

She also said, “When I met Frederick, he had a girlfriend, but then I looked at his future,I said that ‘This guy is going to make it’. And till tomorrow, Frederick asks me how did you know that I would get here? So to every young lady out there, if you have a guy that you like and he does not have money, please stay.Pray for him, listen to him, encourage him. That is what I have done to him”.

Responding to Peggy Ovire’s counsel, Bidemi Kosoko

Bidemi Kosoko, a Yoruba movie actress, reacted to Peggy Ovire’s advice by advising women to pay close attention and pray for the broke boyfriend they intend to keep dating.

The mother of one asserts that women must ensure that their relationships are based on mutual love and that they have assurance they won’t be dumped because men reveal their true selves when they have money.

She wrote: Awww this is sweet congratulations … but ladies ummmm sha look well and pray hard b4 you stay oooo not everybody will be lucky like her…. Most men change immediately money comes.. if you see the bright future ahead make sure you also pay attention to your own assurance you must be in the whole plan to success and be sure the love is mutual not 1 sided abeg use your head, May we not wait in vain.

Frederick Leonard and Peggy Ovire appear elegant in their traditional wedding attire.

According to NGV News, Peggy Ovire and Frederick Leonard, two Nollywood actors, held their traditional wedding ceremony in Asaba, Delta State, on Saturday, November 19.