Actress Biodun Okeowo celebrate her colleague Actress Opeyemi Ayeola as she clocks new age [video]

By: Sarkolee / August 30th, 2022 / 28 views

Today, August 29, is Opeyemi Aiyeola’s 45th birthday. She is a Nollywood actress.

Prior to her big day today, the mother of two had earlier thanked God via her Instagram page.

Her Nollywood coworkers also praised the seasoned actress and sent their best wishes to her via various social media channels.

Omo Borty, a pen name for Biodun Okeowo, wrote:

Happiest birthday to a fantastic actor and sister. Continue to bask in the euphoria of God’s grace darling.

Welcome to the 45th floor, it will usher in greater blessings into your life 🙏 @opeyemi_aiyeola1. You will live long to see your great grand children.”

The difficulties Opeyemi Aiyeola encountered in her marriage and how she overcame them were made public.

During a celebration for her spouse, Olayiwola Babatunde, the movie star spoke on Thursday about the flaws that people experience in their marriages.

The actress shared a photo of her family on Instagram while acknowledging that there had been times of “big battles” and “disagreement” that nearly ended their marriage.

But she added that love and their desire to stay together had allowed her and her spouse to stick together despite their flaws.

“We play so much, yet we have our moments of disagreement, huge fights and threats to our union.

“Just because we’re two imperfect being living in an imperfect world, surrounded by imperfections, working towards the same goal of togetherness, individual happiness and love.”

The actress and her husband were married in 2007. Two children are born into the union.