Actress Destiny Etiko reveals the reasons for her undisputable fashion

By: Sarkolee / December 5th, 2022 / 36 views

Actress Destiny Etiko reveals the for her undisputable fashion

Destiny Etiko, a well-known multi-award-winning Nigerian actress, brand ambassador, social media influencer, and businesswoman, enjoys showing off her curvy body shape for her fans and peers on social media platforms. Recently, she took to her official Instagram account and shared a new post in which she claimed that she dressed to impress herself. The endearing actress Destiny is renowned for setting trends in fashion, which excites many of her fans. She adores showing off her curves in chic, skinny-fit clothes that frequently elicit conflicting opinions.

The chic actress stated it best when she remarked,

“I dress to impress myself.”

Although the post was shared, the comment section was hidden, which prevented it from receiving many responses in a short period of time. View the screenshots from the article below.