Actress Etinosa Idemudia reveals why she no longer get motivates by money

By: Sarkolee / October 14th, 2022 / 28 views

Controversial Actress in Nollywood, Etinosa Idemudia, has explained why the idea of earning money no longer drives her.

The mother of one claimed in an Instagram post that before she got wealthy, she saw money as a motivator.

Money used to be her source of motivation, but she no longer feels it to be so because, in her opinion, she has amassed much too much of it.

She continued by interrogating each of her coworkers in order to find out what motivates people besides money.

She wrote:

“When i had no money, money was a motivation . Now that i have money danu, suddenly, money no longer motivates me. My fellow billionaires, what motivates you?”