Actress Laide Bakare throws hot shades to her colleagues who snubs her birthday

By: Sarkolee / October 8th, 2022 / 44 views

Actress Laide Bakare of Nollywood has criticized some of her coworkers for ignoring her birthday.

According to NGV news, the mother of three turned a new age today, October 7, and although some of her coworkers showed her love, others avoided her.

Laide Bakare, the queen of shade as always, used her Instagram account to discreetly drag them.

She claimed that because she wasn’t made to please other people, she would be content, have a happy life, and prioritize pleasing herself.

Laide stated that since happiness is a choice, she would leave others alone if they didn’t like it.

The contentious actress admitted that she only felt accomplished when she discovered how to enjoy herself while carrying out her tasks.