Actress Luchy Donald gifts her father brand new car on his birthday

By: Sarkolee / November 1st, 2022 / 33 views

Nollywood actress Luchy Donalds’ emotional surprise birthday gift to her father has left him in tears.

Dad of the actress received a brand-new automobile as a birthday present.

Her father’s surprise at the thoughtful gift was captured in a video that she put online.

Luchy described how her normally gruff father broke down in tears when he opened the gift.

She was grateful to God for changing the course of her life and for all the benefits he has bestowed upon her.

Only God knows how fulfilled I deeply feel. Only God keeps making it possible. Birthday gift from me to my sweet father. Happy birthday Dad. May God keep blessing me to make you happier than you appear in the pictures and videos sent to me as you received this gift. My hard man father cried on this special day. Please yes very young o, my father na Bobo, ignore the plenty white hairs, it’s the plenty hustle he hustled to train me in private schools.

I love you Dad. @som_tizzle_ this car came in and you took it straight to my Dad and made sure everything went well even as I am not in the country.. This is how people will plan beautiful events, pick cars and mansions for you too…you are my blood from another womb. I love you dearly. I heard and saw in videos everyone around my house came to celebrate with my father. May celebration never seize in your lives Amen. I sincerely appreciate

On May 28, 2022, actress Luchy Donalds celebrated her 31st birthday in style.

The actress celebrated her new age by releasing stunning images.

Luchy Donalds sent a wonderful letter to herself in which she acknowledged how God had raised her from nothing to something, from grass to grace.

She was grateful to God for changing the course of her life and for all the benefits he has bestowed upon her.

Luchy Donalds lost her composure when her best friend and coworker, Nuella Njubigbo, bought a fancy automobile.

When the curvy actress finally saw Nuella’s automobile, she was rendered speechless and in amazement.

Luchy Donalds praised Nuella Njubigbo on Instagram after sharing a video of their girls’ day out with the platform.

She observed Nuella having a ball and leading a lavish lifestyle.

Me when I beheld my friend’s car @nuella_njubigbo, Boo Issa, balling oo”.