Actress madam Saje shared the picture of her and husband together, her son react

By: Sarkolee / May 18th, 2022 / 63 views

Fausat Balogun, better known as Madam Saje, is a seasoned Nollywood actress, producer, director, social media influencer, and brand ambassador who recently shared photos of herself with her Nollywood husband, Rafiu Balogun, on her official Instagram profile.

In the 1990 television series Erin Kee Kee, she played Mama Saje. Fausat has appeared in over 80 Nigerian films. Rafiu Balogun, a colleague in the Yoruba film industry, is married to Faust Balogun. Her slang, “baba dada,” has made her famous.

She captioned the picture with this :

Alihamudulilahi Alihamudulilahi Alihamudulilahi baba dada oseeeee

Aiye ope yo Aye ope ti pada yo ( meaning there is room to thank God)

Boya Keni beautiful night (meaning I think you should have a beautiful night)

All my lovers, Almighty will answer ur prayer

love you forever


Afeez Balogun, their son, reacted to photos on Instagram.

Long life in good health is all I pray for

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