Actress Mercy Aigbe captured as she join her husband older wives to cook [Video]

By: Sarkolee / August 19th, 2022 / 49 views

Actress Mercy Aigbe has posted a vintage video of herself genuinely making Amala with the older housewives in her husband’s community, following weeks of receiving harsh online criticism for not joining them in the Ileya cooking.

According to reports, Mercy Aigbe, a stunning Nollywood actress and billionaire wife, aroused responses from online users in July when she broadcast live on Instagram as the older women prepared food in her husband’s family home for the Ileya festival.

Mercy Aigbe was filmed on a live video session displaying how Sallah was being celebrated in her husband’s family house in a clip released by a contentious blog.

Gist Lover pointed up Mercy Aigbe’s “lazy” behavior toward the older wives in the video and urged her to go get firewood for cooking.

Live video of Mercy Iyawo Go gather firewood, Oya Osiso. You can’t keep up your appearance in a place where your Iya oko are dey shouting, “Who bit Mercy? Go gather firewood!” if there is a new wife. Gist lover posted on Instagram, “I arrive in peace.

Mercy Aigbe has responded by posting a video of herself cooking with the elderly housewives on Instagram. The women can be heard praising Mercy in the film for being modest enough to assist them in the kitchen despite her celebrity position.

She wrote “TBT …Since it’s Thursday! Let’s do a throwback to Ileya in Oro with awon iyawo iles….One fact y’all don’t know is that I am a very good cook! So feel free to add MERCY OLOWOSIBI to my name. if you are not Yoruba ask your Yoruba friend to translate)

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