Actress Mercy Aigbe reveals why Veteran Actress Sola Sobowale is her role model

By: Sarkolee / July 29th, 2022 / 74 views

Mercy Aigbe, a Nollywood actress, couldn’t contain her joy after meeting Sola Sobowale, a renowned actress, lately on the set of a movie in the far-off hamlet of Gbudugdudu.

Mercy Aigbe, who has never concealed her affection for the actress, posted a sweet snapshot of the two on Instagram.

Sola was referred to by Mercy Aigbe as her mother, the king, her ultimate favorite, and a role model.

Greetings from the entire remote village of Gbudugdudu, away from civilization. Doing this with one of the my absolute fave, My role model, my momma , Oba herself @solasobowale

It is no longer a surprise that Sola Sobowale has consistently served as an example for the younger generation in the film industry. In addition to her motherly disposition, she is renowned for her ability to play her roles flawlessly.

Mercy had lauded her for being a typical example of a fully baked entertainer when she had met her several years prior in a filming site.

Mercy stated that she has never regretted using Sola Sobowale, as well as Liz Benson and Patience Ozokwor, as pillars of confidence on her journey to fame.

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