Actress Mide Martins welcome with joy as she visit a school in Lagos [video]

By: Sarkolee / August 20th, 2022 / 39 views

Actress Mide Martins welcome with joy as she visit a school in Lagos

Mide Martins, a Nollywood actress, is still giddy with the affection she received at her daughter’s graduation.

The actress and her spouse, Afeez Owo, had attended one of their daughters’ graduation.

Her daughter’s classmates had all gathered around the beloved actress.

Mide was surrounded by the graduating kids and couldn’t help but beam with pride.

The female students fought for a chance to embrace the actress and share some alone time.

Mide Martins spoke about the value of treating children well by posting footage to her Instagram feed.

She pledged that they should be treated fairly because they will be the leaders of tomorrow.

She thanked God for the priceless moment and thought about how wonderful it was to be loved by everyone.

Blessed Children. Treat them right they’re the leaders of tomorrow. Thank you Lord for this precious moment. It really feels good to be loved by them all”.

Afeez Owo, Mide Martin’s spouse, had made a stir earlier this year when he was passing by a Lagos school.

On March 2, 2022, the kids of The Most High School, Beckley Estate Road, Ahmadiyya Ijaye, Ojokoro, were overjoyed and excited to see actor Afeez Owo.

The youngsters couldn’t contain their enthusiasm when they saw the well-known actor filming near the school.

They all gathered in groups and gathered by the balcony of the school to greet the actor.

The performer waved back, to the pleasure of the students.

In the video’s caption, he wrote,

The Love is so real between me and the students.

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