Actress Moyo Lawal narrates why she won’t date any man again

By: Sarkolee / July 13th, 2022 / 84 views

Despite being skilled at managing cigarettes in movies, Moyo Lawal, who is also interested in skincare, previously stated that this is not who she is in reality.

I’m not dating again until God himself come sit on my bed and say, “My homeboy tryna talk to you,” she wrote on her Instagram page.

The famous actress went on to say that she is sick of playing the good girl and wants a change. She is also known for showing off her curves and boobs on social media.

If you have ever seen me smoke in a movie then you know. I am a very good smoker. I can even do stunts but here is the fact, in reality, I don’t smoke.


I know as usual, people will argue this. But for me, acting is Make Believe that has to look natural. Even though, it annoys me that people can’t separate me from my characters, however I am very thankful that I can do a job so well that people can’t tell the difference


I’m a Thespian. The Chamelon actor. I’m disciplined, which means having access to doing anything you want, but choosing instead to do the right thing especially when nobody is watching. Well, playing good girl all the time was boring, because it is more like I am acting my real self in the movies too. I’m done with that part

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