Actress Nazo Ekezie supports ladies who do body surgeries [see why]

By: Sarkolee / June 3rd, 2022 / 123 views

Nazo Ekezie, a Nollywood actress, has voiced her support for women who risk liposuction in order to flaunt a beautiful figure.

This comes after a woman died a few days earlier as a result of complications from a body operation she had had.

Some celebrities, like as Alex Unusual and Anita Joseph, reacted to this by urging women to embrace and appreciate their bodies rather than risking everything by going under the knife.

This advice, however, did not sit well with Ms Ekezie, who asked celebrities and other well-meaning Nigerians to focus their efforts on obtaining justice for the late lady and ensuring that the surgeon is brought to justice.

She wrote this :

I am more worried, about careless and unqualified plastic surgeon getting away with murder in this country because we are more focused on shamming people who want to change their bodies . People are dying let focus on that and don’t you dare come for me … I have never gone under the knife.

Let us get rid of the hypocrisy in this country for once and speak the truth …. THESE DOCTORS SHOULD BE LOCKED UP AND THIER PLACE OF BUSINESS CLOSED ! Stop with the ” love your body advice”. It is not that easy for everyone….these fake doctors are killing people…. LETS FOCUS! I am so pissed. A very unpopular opinion …I know most of the people shouting “why change the body God gave you” are also buying and drinking herbs to increase p€n*s size ….a lot of you are guilty! Stop shaming people and focus on the real truth.”


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