Actress Nkechi Blessing breaks silence over being bankrolled by Rich sugar daddies or politicians at her mum remembrance [video]

By: Sarkolee / September 26th, 2022 / 44 views

actress Nkechi Blessing Sunday has emphasized that while she is a nasty girl, she is not as bad as some other people in her field of work.

The controversial actress just dismissed rumors that a politician or sugar daddy is funding her, saying that she earned every penny of her wealth through hard work. She was speaking at her mother’s one-year memorial ceremony.

Despite being raised in a bar parlor, i turned out well, it is believed that bar parlor girls are bad…well, I might be bad but not that bad, I am bad and good, regardless of what you hear about me from the media, those who know me and are close to me know I am the best person you can have in your corner…God punish any politician they say is sponsoring me, all I have is by my hard work…I may not be a billionaire yet but I am very comfortable and I am not begging to eat, my mum is the sweetest woman I know and I will keep remembering her till I die

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