Actress Nkechi Blessing goes emotional as one of her fans surprises beyond her imagination

By: Sarkolee / July 20th, 2022 / 69 views


Actress Nkechi Blessing works in nollywood Sunday was moved by the thoughtful act from her devoted supporter.

Nkechi did the unthinkable after clicking the follow button on a devoted female admirer.

The admirer created a frame of Nkechi Blessing’s everyday activity on her page to express her gratitude.

Nkechi Blessing, who was touched by her thoughtful act, expressed her gratitude to the fan on her Instagram page.

She admitted that although she had never seen or heard of this, she enjoyed seeing it take place.

She believed that since she only followed devoted fans, the fans had to construct a frame out of it.

Nkechi Blessing continued, “Her kind deed blew her away.”

OMG I have seen and heard of this, but it feels good seeing it happen cus I only followed a Dedicated Fan @momma_nike and she had to frame it. Now this one blew me away…. Thank you for loving me this much. I won’t disappoint you

Nkechi Blessing’s followers clearly adore her because this isn’t the first thoughtful gift they’ve sent to her.

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