Actress Nkechi Blessing writes epistles to celebrates her new lover birthday [video]

By: Sarkolee / October 9th, 2022 / 40 views

Nkechi Blessing, a Nollywood actress, celebrate her new partner in a post honoring his birthday.

A few weeks ago, the actress revealed her new partner to the public, and trolls attacked her.

She had previously posted a loving video of herself and her new partner with a statement full of appreciation for him. She was grateful that he entered her life at a time when she most needed a friend.

She also made a suggestion that he had been able to alter a few aspects about her.

You may remember that Opeyemi Falegan and Nkechi recently had a rough breakup.

“I was going to type a long caption, but I rather say dem to you😍 Thank you for coming into my life when I needed a friend.

In just few months you have managed to change few things about me,I am in for a long ride of teachings with you babe💚 sometimes I wonder if you are really your age🙈 Cus Bruh your maturity swept me off my feet😍 the greatest and best communicator I have ever met💚 love you for life Gee💚💚📌”

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