Actress Osas Ighodaro write epistles to celebrates herself as she clocks new age

By: Sarkolee / October 27th, 2022 / 23 views

Osas Ighodaro, a Nollywood actress, loves and lives a colorful life.

Today, October 25, marks the talented actress and media personality’s new birthday. To celebrate, she has shared beautiful photos.

Osas pleased followers on Instagram with pictures of her holding balloons while wearing a pink frock.

The mother of a single child thanked God for giving her another year.

I’m living Life in COLOR and I’m loving it! Happy Birthday to me!!

Thank you God for another year, real love, genuine people & amazing blessings!!! I’m so grateful for what has come to fruition and what’s to come! Thank you Lord – now and always!!

Gift for Osas’ birthday

Osas Ighodaro was ecstatic about her unexpected present.

The actress received two kegs of petrol as a birthday gift.

Osas, who was overjoyed at the news, rushed to the microblogging platform to spread the word.

Two kegs of fuel were given to the single mother as a birthday present.

Osas Ighodaro, overcome with happiness, wrote a thank-you note to the giver.

This was her ideal birthday, in her opinion.

I just got the best birthday gift today…. 2 keg of fuel!!? Now that’s love and appreciation! THANK YOU!!!”.

Osas Ighodaro celebrates ten years in business.

Osas Ighodaro celebrated his tenth anniversary in the entertainment business in August.


The mother of a single child described her trip to Nigeria and how it affected her life.

Osas disclosed that she had intended to stay in Nigeria for only six months but ended up staying for ten years.

She will always be appreciative of her trip so far and anticipates what is ahead.

Osas Ighodaro released a music video of herself dancing to the tune Water, Wata’ by Fela Kuti to commemorate her ten years.

According to Osas, the song beautifully captures her flow, battle, and freedom throughout her time in Nigeria.