Actress Regina Daniels celebrates her 22nd birthday with stunning pictures

By: Sarkolee / October 10th, 2022 / 40 views

Regina Daniels, a well-liked Nollywood actress, turns 30 today.

As the entire globe came to a standstill to celebrate the actress’ birthday, Regina pleased her admirers with captivating self-portraits.

The mother of two celebrated her new age by releasing stunning images.

She captioned her photos with, “Happy birthday to me. 10/10”.

Prior to the celebration, the celebrant had left a profound statement about the new life she was embracing.

Regina announced this by posting beautiful pictures of herself wearing a white outfit that was tailored just for her and a fascinator.

Regina said that she spends her life with love in her heart and kindness in her eyes, implying that she holds no grudges towards anyone.

She continued by saying that she avoids or cuts off anyone who doesn’t agree with her.

“I live my life with love in my heart, and kindness in my eyes and I avoid people who don’t align

Second child is born to Regina Daniels.

The actress has a lot to be thankful for with her advanced age.