Actress Remmy Njoku opens up hidden secrets about her 10 years old marriage [video]

By: Sarkolee / August 8th, 2022 / 23 views

Mary Remmy-Njoku, a Nigerian actress and producer, has talked about how her marriage to Jason Njoku has endured despite its ups and downs.

Contrary to popular thought and opinion, their marriage is not ideal, she stated, adding that it is not simple to be married for ten years.

The Nollywood actor spoke candidly during an Instagram Live session, stating that she does not think it is appropriate to post every detail about her husband online.

She confessed that despite pleading with her to boast about how strong and successful her marriage has been, her friend and coworker, she does not want to promote a false narrative.

Because of their love for one another and willingness to stick by one another through any difficulties they may face as a couple, Mary claimed that they have been able to remain together for ten years.

She continued by saying that if a person’s marriage is not in jeopardy, they are not married.

The mother of three claimed that after getting hitched and beginning to live as husband and wife, there is insecurity in marriage from day one.

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