Actress Tonto Dike officially quit nollywood acting

By: Sarkolee / August 19th, 2022 / 35 views

Tonto Dikeh, a well-known actress and politician from Nigeria, has stated that she will permanently leave the film industry to concentrate on politics.

The deputy governor candidate for Rivers State for the African Democratic Congress (ADC) is the one-and-only.

She said: “I’ve done like two films in 10 years, so you can’t tell me I’m still in the industry. I would always appreciate that it was the industry that my path started from, that my shine started from, it is something that I respect, but it’s not something that has been in my life for a while now. So even after the election, it is not something I plan on bringing back.”

During a recent interview with BBC News Pidgin, Tonto Dikeh answered the question of whether she had entirely retired from acting or intended to resume after her bid for office by announcing her intention to leave Nollywood.

Tonto expressed her admiration for fellow entertainers contesting in the upcoming election, including as Funke Akindele and Banky W.

The movie star said; “it’s not easy for them being where they are and putting yourself out there to effect change, because criticisms and so many things are involved.”

In the Lagos constituency of Eti-Osa, Bankole Wellington, also known as Banky W, is standing for a House of Representatives seat.

In Lagos, Funke Akindele is standing for deputy governor. They are both PDP (Peoples Democratic Party) members.

I believe in Funke, I believe in Banky. These two people… I can hold to something and say I believe that these people have a vision for the people,” Tonto added.

She said “anything can happen” and compared her chances of victory to those of the biblical David and Goliath fight.

You might remember that on June 24, 2022, Tonte Ibraye, the ADC candidate for governor of Rivers, unveiled the infamous screen diva as his running mate.