Actress Toyin Abraham gives updates on her fight with Actress Lizzy Anjorin

By: Sarkolee / August 21st, 2022 / 36 views

Nollywood actress Toyin Abraham has spoken out about her bitter conflict with Lizzy Anjorin.

After going silent for some months, Toyin spoke up about the contentious actress Lizzy Anjorin, according to NGV in 2021.

Lizzy Anjorin brought up her feud with Toyin Abraham again, saying that the latter had not only made fun of her in the past but also disseminated untrue rumors about her and referred to her child as an idiot.

Lizzy insisted that Instagram had no nasty users, pointing out that many of her coworkers, including Toyin Abraham, had created fictitious accounts to harass and disparage one another.

Toyin Abraham acknowledged that she had never trolled Lizzy with a phony Instagram page or hired a writer to criticize her during an Instagram Live session with Iyabo Ojo.

Toyin said that a fan of hers attacked Lizzy Anjorin, and she also requested the fan not to include her in any online controversy.

Toyin Abraham, who broke down in tears, explained that she was reacting to the situation because she wanted to shield her kid and husband from being implicated in it by Lizzy.

Toyin Abraham provided an update on their dispute and said that she had called the police.

Toyin said it was critical for her to provide answers and facts to the public, especially following the conclusion of the police inquiry, in a message on her Instagram page.

Given that the investigation determined that Toyin did nothing improper to Lizzy, she claimed that there are no problems between her and Lizzy.

Toyin revealed that Lizzy used a fan comment that wasn’t her own and ran with it.

The two actresses brought up their complaints at the station, she apologized, and they have since gone on.

Her claim is as follows:

It is important that I make this clarifications and share this information with the public especially after the conclusion of police investigation.


Lizzy Anjorin and I, we no longer have issues. Yes, I had to get the police involved. The investigations revealed that I did not wrong her. She ran with a comment of a fan which did not come from me. At the Police station, we tabled our grievances and she apologised and we have since moved on.

This clarification is important for some reasons and the Police have concluded their investigations and I need to let the public know.


And please, I am begging anything that has to do with me and Lizzy is now in the past. I beg you. And I also want to beg everyone, every child is my child no mater how the case may be please kindly take children out of it. I am on my knees. I am begging, Thank you and love you all. Thank you.


Lastly I want to say a huge thanks to all my fans for always supporting my brand and loving me unconditionally”