Actress Zainab Bakare opens up what she gained after doing Butt lift surgery

By: Sarkolee / September 28th, 2022 / 53 views

Nollywood actress Zainab Bakare has talked openly about how getting a buttlift improved her self-esteem and confidence. The actress stated in an exclusive interview with The Nation Newspaper that after having her butt operated on, she has been turning down many toasters.

Zainab claims that she will never look back on her decision because having surgery significantly increased both her self-esteem and confidence. She claimed that if she told the truth about her predicament, no one would confront her.

The actress continued, “I had the butt operation with my husband’s consent. Now that I have an almost flawless physique, plenty of toasters and suitors are approaching me, but I’ve been turning them away.”

More toasters and suitors are coming my way but I have been rejecting them. If you are irresponsible, I can’t stand you. I detest talkative and a proud man.” The actress reiterated.