Adunni Ade’s Father goes emotional after she surprises him with unforgettable gift

By: Sarkolee / July 24th, 2022 / 74 views

Adunni Ade, a Nollywood actress, touched her father’s heart with a thoughtful act on his birthday.


According to news reports, the actress celebrated her father’s birthday on Thursday, July 21.


The delighted mother of two boys used her Instagram account to thank her father, who she claimed made many sacrifices to see them through.


Through her tweet, Adunni also prayed for the celebrant, thanking him for always teaching his kids the highest morals and values.

She wrote, “Your greatness and humility as a father are inexplicable in words. You have always instilled the most profound values and ethics in us your children which we are very proud and grateful for. Thank you so much father for showering beyond imagination love and affection on me and my siblings and to all you see as your child. May you have an ultra-successful, glorious, and prideful life ahead. Dear father, you have sacrificed every dream, wish, and desire of your life to nurture your kids and make them fine human beings that you always want them to be. May God’s divine light and grace fulfill all your dreams and wishes. May you live a fulfilling life till the end”.

She did more than just send me a beautiful birthday note on his special day.

When Adunni Ade surprised her father with cakes and other delights at his place of employment, he was overjoyed.

She captioned the video with, “Simplest man I know! Man with a Golden heart! Father to all! I love seeing that smile on his face! As long as he is proud of me, I’m good. Thank you all for celebrating my Dad. Yesterday was beautiful”.

Adunni described her father as a straightforward man with a bright heart in the video she shared.

Adunni Ade remarked how much she cherished seeing her father happy.

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