After cooking for him and giving him all styles, he still dump me ~ Korra Obidi cries out

By: Sarkolee / August 2nd, 2022 / 20 views

Korra Obidi, a dancer and all-around artist, has turned to social media to bemoan the fact that she might never get married again since she hasn’t moved on from her failed marriage.


According to Kemi Filani news, American therapist Justin Dean—husband of Nigerian dancer and musician Korra Obidi—confirmed that his union with the artist had fallen apart.


The doctor’s announcement of his divorce from his wife had set off a frenzy on the internet.


He said on his Instagram page that he had filed for divorce from the dancer because he couldn’t stand by while she was tormented. He claimed that he gave up after giving it his all to try to save the marriage. He didn’t want to confront reality, but he had no choice.


Especially considering that he had supported and loved her with all of his heart, he expressed how heartbroken and sad he was about the incident.


A few weeks later, Korra Obidi vented about how her relationship’s demise was caused by her sharing it on social media. She claimed that “jealous goats” on social media kept spreading false information about her on her husband, causing him to flee the house.


In a recent development, Korra has spoken once more and explained why she will never wed once more.


She claimed that marriage is a difficult institution, and despite her best efforts, it still didn’t work out.


Korra continued to bemoan the fact that her marriage had failed despite her giving her husband various sexual experiences and cooking well for him. As a result, she has vowed never to try to get married again.

Korra said;

I don’t think i can marry again, I don’t know weya it is something i can do again, because that institution, .. I tried I gave it my all, I gave it my full chest, inside that institution, mo ma cook, mo ma shake kini ye, mo ma fu ni doggy style, police style, elephant style, any style…

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