American woman vows to deports her husband back to Nigeria after she caught him with another woman [video]

By: Sarkolee / September 22nd, 2022 / 19 views

Shamika Moore, an American woman, uncovered her husband having an extramarital affair and has vowed to have him deported back to Nigeria.

The Florida-based wife confronted her husband at a hotel after spotting him with his side chic in viral footage.

They were going to leave the hotel when he could be seen inside a car with the other woman sitting in the front, but Shamika stopped them.

The wife revealed that although he used the excuse of going to meet his brother to obtain money to pay their rent, they were both meant to go hang out that day.

In her words; “He told me he was going out to pay the house rent while I was at work. I returned from work and he wasn’t still home yet. So I decided to go do some deliveries, went to my mother’s house and my husband wasn’t still home. I started blowing up his phone and he wasn’t answering.

He later answered his phone call and explained he was at a buddy’s place to get something. Forty-five minutes passed and he wasn’t home yet, then, I decided to track his location using the Find My IPhone feature and found out he was at hotel not too far from our house. I found him there and confronted him with his sidechic.”

When critics on social media began accusing her of marrying him for money, Shamika responded;

For people who are like “Did you marry him for business?” I didn’t.

My husband didn’t have anything to offer me. I loved him based on how he treated me. I love him still but don’t want to be with him like today this hit me hard. Asf it feels like someone snatched my heart out l of my body. I feel drained asf”.

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