Annie Adibia reveals a secret about Actress Mercy Johnson

By: Sarkolee / August 9th, 2022 / 37 views

According to Annie, the famed Nigerian singer Tuface Idibia’s wife, Mercy Johnson is highly skilled.

She announced this on her Instagram page narrative while praising Mercy Johnson’s acting talent.

Annie Idibia acknowledged Mercy Johnson’s excessive skill in her Instagram page narrative and that she had learned from Mercy without Mercy being aware of it.

She wrote, “Mercy Johnson is overly multi-talented swear downnnn, I love mercy so much , learnt from her without her evening knowing.

One of the best actresses in the Nigerian film business is Mercy Johnson. since 2002, when she first began performing while still a teenager. She had just finished secondary school at the time.

Since entering the industry, she has appeared in more than 100 films as an actor as well. She is still active as a producer, director, and actress.