Are you suffering from Jedi-Jedi (Pile)? Here are some simple steps to get rid of it

Jedi-Jedi or Pile seem to be common but people keep mute to avoid been mocked. Jedi-Jedi affects every body, both whites and blacks, the difference is that most people in the western world are sugar tolerant because they have being consuming lots of it from childhood. However, most white males cannot have s*xual intimacy more than two rounds without the help of drugs, that is one big symptom of Jedi-Jedi

There are 5 or more symptoms of Jedi-Jedi:


1) Lower back pain

2) Erection Problem

3) hemorrhoid

4) Constipation and more( farting, bowel issues)

5) Premature ejaculation

All the above mentioned symptoms will eventually aid failure of pancreas production of insulin, leading to Diabetes, so If you got this sensitive problem and do not want to make costly surgery, try these natural home methods to cure jedi jedi. They really work, see them below ;

1. Bitter leaf and Scent leaf – Do you know that using the extract of both bitter leaf and scent leaf can help to cure pile within a space of one week. Extracting the juice from bitter leaf and mixing with the juice extracted from scent leaf.This powerful combo can help cure pile in just one week. Then take half glass cup twice daily for 3 days. You will be surprised with the outcome.

2. Healthy diet – First of all, you need to increase the fiber intake. Fiber is contained in plant foods, such as grains, vegetables, and fruit. It is not digested by our stomachs. Instead, fiber passes through and helps to clean the bowels timely. It prevents constipation and keeps you belly healthy. Eventually, it stops or eases the symptoms of jedi jedi. Reduce the amount of fatty foods and red meat you consume. These foods may lead to constipation and worsen the condition you have.

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3. Drink up – Fresh water intake in the right amounts is essential. It flushes your intestines and helps the digestion.

4. Vitamin C – It keeps you veins healthy and strong. So, consuming such foods as lime, lemons, apples, red berries and tomatoes is an effective help for jedi jedi. This is recommended for all people, including pregnant women. These remedies can treat your jedi jedi safely

5. Exercise – Sitting much leads to constipation and worsening of your condition. Motion helps you to keep the stomach healthy and veins – strong. Daily workouts can solve your problem, but you should avoid lifting weights.

6. Warm bath – If you need to ease such symptoms as pain, itching or irritation, take a warm bath with herbs. Chamomile can be sooth the pain and stop the itching. It also prevents inflammation.


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