Back From God to Rica

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An interesting story by
Obinna Chukwudi.


My name is Jonathan Fencing, I’m happily married to a woman who’s name is Juliet and we have two sons. I owned a multi billion naira company that produced suits and clothes in general. But my last production attracted international attention, it attracted operatives known as A.O.M. The Agency Of Motives. They wanted me to help them trap my friend Vincento, but I refused. So they brought my company down and sent an agent to try to convince me again to betray my friend. I refused, and the same agent they sent to convince me tried to eliminate me. I beat the agent to the gun, the agent whom I discovered to be the supposed friend of mine who shot me months before that moment. I knew that A.O.M would send more men to kill me so I left with my family,our flight led us here. I find my self in a wasteland called Beshtori. Unknown to me seventeen years has passed away since I got here. I’m not too surprised because I was warned, I was told by Rica Elias that an hour here would be a year in their reality. I look at my watch and realize that it’s been over an hour since I got here, 8:00pm to be precise. I hear a mighty sound that quakes the earth. “Earthquake?” I ask myself…No, an earthquake usually tears the ground open, earthquakes do not make consecutive giant thuds on the ground. As far as I can still detect, no part of the ground has been torn open so this is not an earthquake.. If anything, this feels like giant footsteps coming towards my direction, no this feels like a living giant approaching. “Oh my God.” I come out from under my covering and behold, what a dreadful sight. I see a giant that stands as tall as a fifty storey building. “Oh my God.” I run as fast as I can, as far away from this horror as I can. “This must be a nightmare. Yes, from the time I got to this Island to this moment is surely a nightmare.” I continue to run towards the other direction, I run under a cave and hide. The strange thing is that the giant did not run after me, I don’t hear anymore GIANT footsteps after running into the cave. What a fearful sight NO, this can’t be real – NO, not this horror, not this abomination. I lie on the cave’s wall to relax a bit and maybe even sleep off. One minute into my relaxation I feel something cold coil round my left arm. “Oh my God snake, in this dark cave.” I shake the snake off and run out of the cave. After taking several leaping steps I hit a road block. “Where did this wall come from.” I ask myself, but after taking a closer look, I realise that it’s not a wall that I hit but the monstrosity. I feel a very cold chill run down my spine then I faint. The sight of this living breathing giant makes me faint, after some minutes I wake up and find my self in the giant’s left palm. He feels my movement on his palm and looks at me with eyeballs that are much larger than my whole body. “YOU ARE A CHOSEN ONE.” The giant thunders with a mighty voice. I dare not reply this mighty creature so I remain silent, fear does not allow me to notice that this giant is climbing up the Akelukala mountain, the mountain I need to climb. 

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