BBN Angel blast a fan who tag her parent as a “begger”

By: Sarkolee / June 18th, 2022 / 14 views


The Big Brother Naija reunion episode came to a climactic conclusion last night, and as expected, it sparked a flurry of social media reactions.

One admirer wondered on Twitter if Cross had given Angel’s father any money.

Angel was having none of it, and she sat down to write;

Are you out of your stupid ass mind??? Don’t try me this evening. My father and your boy did a charity case together and they donated to an orphanage. Cut that bs out.

And let everyone call me angry and defensive; I do not care. Whatever narrative about me can fly but you see my parents? You will not dare label them as beggars.

Y’all better leave my Good man alone; because I will go to war for him.


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