BBN Housemates Pere and Alex Get Strike for Physical Violence

By: / September 18th, 2023 / 17 views

BBN Housemates Pere and Alex Get Strike for Physical Violence

BBN Housemates Pere and Alex Get Strike for Physical Violence

Drama is never far away in the Big Brother house. This claim was confirmed once more in the current season of BBNaija ‘All Stars.’ Pere and Alex, housemates, recently found themselves in the eye of a storm that was brewing, which led to both of them receiving strikes from Big Brother.


Everything started yesterday when a video of Pere aggressively flipping a bed with Alex still on it appeared. It appeared as though the argument between the two housemates had gotten out of hand because of the bed in question.


The argument over who owned the bed served as the ignition for this raging argument. Pere had methodically made the bed, making it plain that he claimed it as his own. Alex, however, was having none of it and steadfastly insisted that the bed belonged to her. She summoned the other residents, reminding them of her prior assertion and ordering them to leave her designated resting spot empty.

Pere stormed into the bedroom in a fit of wrath after this confrontation, which appeared to set him off. He overturned the bed without thinking, sending Alex, who was still on it, tumbling to the floor. Both viewers and other housemates were shocked by the occurrence, and many speculated about its possible repercussions.


Pere had already received his first strike earlier in the season as a result of his prior behavior, which led to a heated argument with Doyin, another housemate. His future on the show and the possibility of being disqualified were both seriously questioned after the issuance of a second strike.


Meanwhile, with her first strike, Alex, who had previously gotten a stern warning from Big Brother owing to a physical conflict with Ike, is now in a vulnerable position.

As Big Brother made the decision to act today, the anxiety around this dramatic incident reached a height. Big Brother gave both Pere and Alex one strike apiece at a meeting with them. This was Alex’s first offense, whereas Pere now has two offenses against him.