BBN Kidwaya reveals his relationship status months after captured in a romantic date with a white lady [video]

By: Sarkolee / September 19th, 2022 / 15 views

Kiddwaya, a Big Brother Naija contestant, disproved rumors that she was engaged and getting married.

Video showing Kiddwaya cuddling up to a white woman while dining out with Nigerian pastor Tobi Adegboya, media personality Daddy Freeze, and other people led to claims that he was engaged.

Daddy Freeze posted the video on social media with the comment

Kidd Waya and his fiancé showing us how to love

As everyone at the table applauded and loudly praised them, Kiddwaya kissed the white woman before turning to Pastor Tobi and requesting that he conduct their wedding.

In response to his request, Pastor Tobi stated that he would be happy to comply and that he would also conduct Davido’s wedding.

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However, Kiddwaya has since said that he is not “getting married” and also does not have a fiancée, days after the video went viral.

He tweeted;

“I’m not getting married and I DO NOT have a fiancé. It was fun seeing all the reactions tho.”

This comes after he disclosed that his mother had been urging him to wed, but he refused since he insisted he was still not as wealthy as his father, Terry Waya.