BBNaija: Bryann reveals why she avoids Bella

By: Sarkolee / September 2nd, 2022 / 26 views

The Big Brother Naija Level Up edition is chock full of comedy, drama, and intense moments.

One of them is Bryann’s assertion that he witnessed Bella-related visions of fellow housemate Sheggz in his sleep.

He admitted to Doyin on Friday that he liked Bella at the beginning of the program but changed his mind after Sheggz attempted to hurt him in his fantasies.

Doyin made the initial statement that she thinks she and Bella will become close friends outside of the house.

Bryann said that he formerly liked her and thought of her as a “cool” person. The musician explained that he saw Sheggz in his nightmares, which is why he decided to back off, when Doyin questioned him about it.

Doyin said: I feel like Bella and I will be friends

Bryan responded: She’s chill, I actually liked her before

Doyin: Really?

Bryan: Yeah, then I saw Sheggz trying to k**l me in my dreams so I backed off

Users of social media found his revelation to be both hilarious and unsettling.

In reaction, @Inikpi_Oma said; Always sleeping dat’s y u had dat terrible dream

@olubamisayemic; Omo Bryan if na disappear make u disappear oooh no let sheggz get you oooh

@EzeaniCMaria; If only he will scatter that ugbo epepe.

@NenyeIsaac; The fact that I understand wot this means🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

@CabrineCarter; I believe the dream coz that boy can sleep.

@FJamatutu; Bryann apply pressure 😄😄😄

@anyanaso_ifeoma; Everyone likes bella

@jaybee_____; Bryan literally likes every girl can this lil boy rest already?

Diana has already expressed interest in Bryann.

She told him that she wanted to take him to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, so she could pamper and indulge him.

Diana opened up to Bryann by asking him why she was not placed in his group for their previous sponsored mission.

The 33-year-old skin care expert then went on to sign him up for their forthcoming Pepsi job, explaining that she wants him to be in their team so they can win it and go on vacation.

Any team that wins the Pepsi assignment often receives an all-expenses-paid trip to Dubai during previous BBNaija seasons. However, the 22-year-old singer claimed that he has no influence over fate and that God alone decides whether or not they will end up together.

Diana expressed her desire for them to win together so that she could take the child to Dubai and spoil him. If he was too young to be pampered by her, she questioned him. Bryann’s response was that he is still young and always willing to be spoiled.