BBNaija: Groovy reveals his true love in the house

By: Sarkolee / August 16th, 2022 / 35 views

Big Brother Groovy, a housemate from Nigeria who has been the object of desire for the majority of the female guests, has publicly admitted his emotions for Chiomzy.

This occurs just one week after his rumored love interest, Beauty Tukura, was eliminated from the competition.

Remember that after Beauty was eliminated, Amaka confided in Phyna about her emotions for Groovy.

Sadly, she was hurt to learn that Groovy and Phyna shared a bed despite her confession to Phyna, and she felt deceived.

She told Ilebaye, who counseled her not to let her friendship with Phyna be hampered by Groovy.

However, Groovy’s affection for Chiomzy became clear as Amaka expressed her disapproval with Phyna’s connection with Groovy. In his response, Groovy revealed his interest in Chiomzy.