BBNaija: Hermes reveals why he want Allysyn as his third girlfriend [VIDEO]

By: Sarkolee / October 1st, 2022 / 51 views

Hermes Iyele, a former Big Brother Naija 2022 housemate, claims to adore Allysyn and hopes to start a relationship with her after the show.

He made this statement while participating in media interviews alongside Groovy and Sheggz, two other Sunday evictees from the reality series.

The dancer and performer acknowledged that he knows how others would misinterpret his desire to date Allysyn while maintaining relationships with two other women.

Hermes also recalled how, after only two days in the house, he approached her with his intentions but was rejected.

The poet claims that he made attempts to get her up to eight times, but it took her a full four weeks to even consider doing things with him.

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He continued by saying that even though he wants to make the model his third girlfriend, they would need to have a conversation about it since he wants it to be a shared decision. He stated that they would need to have that conversation because they haven’t had a chance to do so since leaving the residence.

He did, however, add that they are both aware that things might not turn out as planned in the end, and they will both be fine if that occurs.

Allysyn had discussed the possibility of carrying on a romantic connection with Hermes.

Although Hermes is still a contestant, he has been named as one of the candidates for Sunday’s potential eviction.

Now that she is outside the house, Allysyn declared that she would stop their relationship because she has no desire to become his third girlfriend.

In an interview with Saturday Beats, the 25-year-old said this and added that she only wants to put herself first.

Allysyn said; “Knowing Hermes had two girlfriends, I respected his dynamic (circumstance) while in the house. However, upon coming out of the house now, I know that I don’t want to be a part of that dynamic (situation) but I have a genuine connection with him. I want to focus on myself.

“Hermes has a beautiful, intense and dramatic personality. I always go for people that are very different. He even physically stands out with his tattoos and piercings. We are both creative people. He is very talented and I know we are going to be great friends for a very long time.”