BBNaija: Many reacts as Fan call for disqualification of Phyna on what she did to Bella

By: Sarkolee / August 28th, 2022 / 25 views

On Twitter, a person demanded that Phyna, a Big Brother Naija level Up contestant, be disqualified for what he said she did to Bella.


Earlier today, drama reportedly broke out between Bryan, Amaka, and Phyna after their Friday duty.


Due to Level Two winning their wager chores, Biggie had brought food for the housemates.


Bryann was scolded by Amaka and Phyna for ordering that the kilishi Phyna purchased be split equally.


Bryann had criticized Phyna for retaining the extra money for herself, not knowing that she had used it to purchase kilinshi.

When things were under control, Daniella told Phyna that Bryan believed the kilinshi was for the entire home because the Level Two housemates were constantly using their money to buy food for their residence.


Phyna complained that she didn’t appreciate the way he spoke to her, calling what she was doing foolish.


But Bryann assured Doyin that he didn’t refer to her as being foolish.


Only “what she was doing,” he claimed, was deemed foolish.


When a new wave of fighting started, we thought everything was resolved.


Sheggz attacked Chizzy harshly for disparaging his girlfriend Bella.


The Level One housemate criticizing his lady over food wasn’t something the lover boy took kindly.


Following authorization from Modella and other Level 2 HMS, Bella used eggs that belonged to that level.


She was attacked by Chizzy, who was unaware of it, for using their egg. Chizzy used his lingo to call her names. Bella was referred to as “Ekuke,” which is the name for a local dog.

Sheggz, being the devoted boyfriend, stepped in to defend his partner, and the two got into a fight.


Phyna threw a pack of kilinshi at Bella and a few other housemates in the kitchen during the heated argument.


The Twitter user demanded that Biggie remove the housemate after alleging that the pack had hit Bella.


However, other online users attacked him, claiming she had accidentally thrown the item.

Biggie should disqualify Phyna for that object she threw, it landed on Bella’s head”.