BBN’s Chomzy Surprises Fans with New Car from Boyfriend

By: / September 16th, 2023 / 30 views

BBN's Chomzy Surprises Fans with New Car from Boyfriend

Former Big Brother Naija housemate Chomzy recently became the proud owner of a brand-new Benz, all owing to her partner, in a public act of love and giving.

Fans and followers are in amazement of the unexpected gift and congratulate the recipient on her new whip.

When she was allegedly dating a married guy, rumors about her and her partner reached a crescendo at the beginning of the year. But the man appeared to clear the air and dispel any speculations that he and his wife had split up.

Chomzy, who gained notoriety for her frank demeanor on the Big Brother reality show, has persisted in creating a stir outside the BBN house.

Despite her academic success, Chomzy has never been afraid to express her ideas. She became well-known for her candor and didn’t hold back when she thought her supporters, or “Nigerians,” as she called them, had abandoned her while she was a contestant on BBN.

Chomzy had her first interview with Africa Magic since leaving the program, and during it, she candidly discussed her regret at not earning enough votes to advance farther in the competition.

Chomzy adopted a different stance, blaming Nigerians for her eviction while many of her fellow competitors thanked their supporters for their persistent support.

In her candid statement, she lamented, “You guys didn’t vote for me, and now I am out.”

Her zeal and drive to succeed, which had marked her tenure in the BBN house, were evident in that particular moment.

She accomplished a huge life achievement last year when she earned her university degree. Her classmates flocked around her, eager to take pictures with the accomplished graduate, and the scene was captured in a touching video.

Let’s not forget that Chomzy’s time in the Big Brother Naija house was characterized by multiple consecutive victories. The influencer has kept moving up the success ladder outside the home.