Being A Woman Can Be Tough Sometimes – Skit-Maker, Taaooma Reveals

By: Sarkolee / December 29th, 2022 / 67 views

Being A Woman Can Be Tough Sometimes – Skit-Maker, Taaooma Reveals

Taaooma, a well-known comedian and producer of skits, has lamented the challenges women experience in real life due to their gender.

She described a run-in with a driver who insulted her despite the fact that she was in her own automobile.

Taaooma said that when she confronted a driver who was breaking the law, he demanded that she leave her father’s car at home before they could talk.

She cried out loud as she discussed dealing with similar problems at work and in society at large.

The skit maker wrote; “Being a woman can be tough sometimes. In your work space, you’re looked down upon. In the society, you’re not as respected. Last time out, a traffic offender I challenged on the road told me to “drop my daddy’s car” before I can talk to him.”

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A Twitter @Vawul3nse said that probably happened because of her petite size, but she dismissed such an insinuation.

The tweep said; That wasn’t about you being a woman, it was probably about you being ‘small’ size. You women shouldn’t be victimizing yourselves always

@_Taaooma responded; Lol, small size? Cos he saw my whole body from the car Yh? If I start to list all the experiences, we’ll be here till night. I’m spitting the reality of things, you said I’m victimizing myself. Stop jare.

Another user @Ikebobo_Dave commented; Be like u no wear ur ring


But Taaooma said; If u like wear wedding gown, you go still collect 😂