Biography of Mentor C

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Ofon ANIETIE umoh
Well known as MENTOR’Charles (MENTOR’C)
Biography of Mentor C
MENTOR’C is a global citizen, social activist, singer, song writer and public speaker whose focus more on problem solving and finding solutions than complaining, Ofon ANIETIE umoh hail for Etinan Akwa ibom state, And based In lagos state Nigeria.
He’s the founder of the Notorapeglobalcampaigna and also the  director of Uccareforall initiatives, an organization driven with  focus on stopping the next rape from happening through awareness and education and every other gender based violence,  helping in the rehabilitation process and helping women towards self discovery.
As a songwriter and artist he has written songs which Genre includes reggae, afro pop and rock/soul music and he is the voice behind the popular NoToRape campaign Theme
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I will say all because when you see your self as a messenger, delivering a message could be in any form that you think people can relate with, and if you are creative in executing in any genre, so why limit your self?
Music they do say is life and every one listen to music depending on the style, mood and interest and as a gift from the creator I see it as a wider tools to relate with people, started singing from church and seeing how people always eager to hear me sing and i had more thoughts of  empowering my self to do something that can relate to not just one section of people but the world, music to me can help change a whole lot about people mindset and can reach larger amounts of people if well arranged’ than even writing a book.
Challenge : Convincing people to listen to good music and right marketing..
For now I  have 4 released singles but didn’t push on promotions and all others musical related activities because I was still finding my purpose in life, just as I said am not just a singer but a purposeful singer who’s aim focus more on contents that has to do with issues affecting the world.
NoToRape campaign
NoToRape single is one of my biggest projects because it’s aligns with who I am, creating solutions to rape and helping people understand female gender also deserve respect and opportunity through  music, is one of my biggest achievements, though, being able to write and voice a sound track that talks about all gender especially women I must say is the greatest skillful thought for me and am hoping to produce it in every genre so every other world cultures and colors can understand and relate.
Yes massive plans just as I said before I have so many plans on the pipeline but I must execute and achieve the goals of #Notorapeglobalcampaign project before any other thing.
You can get more details and update on the NoToRape campaign following us on Facebook and every other social Media platforms…
As a voluntary Organization our goal is to make our society a very Peaceful one mostly where our female gender can live without the fear of the unknown…
#Notorapeglobalcampaign - Mentor C
We also seek for more support for individuals, cooperate bodies and every Understanding NIGERIAN through  every means you can and more through DONATIONS because this message need to be spread and be heard by people more than ever, WE ARE TIRED OF THIS BEAST CALLED RAPE, and it’s time we collect eradicate it out of our SOCIETY.
You can also reach out to us if you have fall victim and be willing to share your STORY (for learning and encouragement Purpose) and also if you are willing to help victims of the unfavorable circumstances, you can also reach out to us VIA ; THE NO TO RAPE CAMPAIGN PAGE on Facebook.@Notorapeglobalcampaign
Ig @Notorapeglobalcampaign.
You can also reach out to us Via our CAMPAIGN PAGE on:
and also you can visit our website for more details.
You can reach Mentor C via the details below
Instagram :  @mentor_c1

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