BNNaija: I never said i loves you ~ Adekunle tells Allysyn and she reacted

By: Sarkolee / August 18th, 2022 / 34 views

Adekunle, a housemate on Big Brother Naija and the current Head of House (HOH), has clarified his relationship with Allysyn.


The young woman was informed by him that he had never asked her out or confessed his love to her.

Before Allysyn begged for some distance because she thought Adekunle could be interested in her, the two of them were really close in the home.

Allysyn, who had initially requested space, approached him once again, and he chose to take advantage of the opportunity to settle things.


She was told by him that he never asked her out and that he couldn’t recall ever declaring his love for her.

Read their conversation below:

Adekunle to Allysyn: “I haven’t asked you out. I don’t think in any of our conversations, I’ve ever said I love you.”

Allysyn: “It just looks like it was getting weird .”

Adekunle: “I told Doyin that she looks good and I love you but can’t say that to you because you would take it the wrong way.”