Bobrisky reveals how he got his name “Bobrisky” as he shares his throw back picture

By: Sarkolee / September 23rd, 2022 / 77 views

Bobrisky, a well-known Nigerian crossdresser, posted a flashback photo on his own Instagram that drew people’s attention. Following his Instagram post, Bobrisky declared that he had taken a risk and had become Bobrisky.

His supporters responded strongly to the images, especially when they read the caption. Here is a screenshot of Bobrisky’s Instagram post.

He posted the image along with the caption:

I am that bad bitch that has invested so much on my body. Nothing is hard to achieve in as much your bank account is smiling, I choose who i wanna be and I’m happy am brave to go for it. Your trolls or insult is too late sad it cannot reverse all my surgeries. I took the Risk, now I am Bobrisky”