Boxing Champion, tyson fury caught on camera while drunk, kicking the taxi driver for refusing to carry him [video]

By: Sarkolee / May 20th, 2022 / 19 views


Tyson Fury, the boxing champion, was seen reacting violently after a cab driver refused to let him inside his taxi.

According to reports, the event occurred when he was on vacation in Cannes, France.

A video circulating on the internet shows Tyson approaching a taxi that had been stopped by his team while visibly inebriated.

The heavyweight champion attempted to enter the cab through the back door, but it was locked.

The driver then appeared to try to explain that he would not carry Fury in that condition, but this resulted in a minor squabble between the driver and the boxer’s entourage.

When they couldn’t come to an agreement, the taxi driver drove away quickly. Fury became enraged and attempted to kick the car in the back.


Click HERE to watch the video

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