Buhari is working. See the new look of the 2nd Niger Bridge.( photos)

President Buhari upon assuming office in 2015 promised that he belongs to everybody and nobody. What he meant was that nobody will play a godfather on him.
He also meant that he is determined to develop every part of Nigeria. The people of Southeast have complained of neglect and marginalisation by the current administration. But the President has always said that he makes appointment base on merit and that every zone in the country will feel his presence.
The people of Southeast didn’t feel this during his first tenure. But this second tenure looks like it is going to be a boom of infrastructure for the Igbos.
The rehabilitation of the Enugu airport will be completed by Easter. He has also promised a rail line in the Southeast. But above all is the highly politicized Second Niger Bridge.
Past administrations did little on it. Buhari’s administration is determined to deliver that project to Igbos before his second tenure ends in 2023.
His personal assistant on new media, Mr. Bashir Ahmed shared the current look of the Second Niger Bridge to show the speedy work at the site.


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