Business Lady reveals she dump her 40 old plus boyfriend for singing Asake Knowing full Asake lyrics

By: Sarkolee / August 20th, 2022 / 34 views

According to a woman, she dumped her 40-year-old partner because he knew the song’s words by Asake.

She had to leave their relationship, according to the woman known only as Farida Kabir on Twitter, since her partner could sing Asake’s “Palazzo” from beginning to end.

In her words:

I served someone breakfast recently because he knew the lyric to palazzo from beginning to the end. As a 40+ man, and he’ll be following the song with energy whenever it comes up. O wrong naw.

I couldn’t take it gaskiya. Had to off him”

He starts excitedly singing along to the song whenever it plays, the frustrated woman who had had enough added.

A woman said that she dumped her 40-year-old spouse because he was familiar with the lyrics to the Asake song.