Caught In A Dilemma Chapter 10

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(Caught in a dilemma )


Gordon got the Video and played it in a secret place quickly. He saw how Beatrice looked and he got so vexed. Who could have ever thought Tokyo would do that kind of thing to her? With the same, he pampers and praises her in front of them.

“You are going to hell you as*hole,” Gordon muttered to himself. He kept the cellphone in his pockets and walked out portraying a normal expression on his face. He couldn’t let Tokyo suspect anything.

They had closed at the Company and he saw Tokyo was yet to leave. He walked into the office with a smile on his face.

“Sir, the company is closed for the day.” He said and Tokyo looked at him.

“I know. And why are you still here?” Tokyo replied.

“I can’t leave if my boss is yet to leave,” Gordon stated feeling irritated inwardly.

“Wow, that is a very good policy. But you can leave now, I permit you to leave.” Tokyo ordered with a smile on his face and Gordon forced out a smile too.

“Thank you, Sir, and Good night.” He said turning to take his leave, while Tokyo glared at him.

“And please don’t forget to greet Miss Beatrice on my behalf. I tried reaching her but I couldn’t get through.” Gordon said and Tokyo nodded.

“I would deliver your message to her. Thank you.” Tokyo said and Gordon bowed slightly before walking out of the office.

Immediately he was out, he took to his heel and ran to his desk. He dragged his already packed bag with him and ran down the stairs. He was too impatient to use the elevator.

He stormed out of the company and headed to the nearest police station. He held his bag firmly running and pushing the people that stood in his way.

He wanted the Cops to meet him at the Company, it would be the best place to apprehend a criminal like him.

He got to the police station and barged in alerting almost everyone in there.

“There is an Emergency. The daughter of Mr. Robert had been kidnapped for two days now and she would be killed this night if we are don’t do something about this soon!” Gordon said to the first cops he met.

“You need to calm down Mister. We are yet to understand anything you are saying.” He said and Gordon pulled out his phone.

“Here, watch this,” Gordon said playing them the Video. The cop collected it and began to watch it. This video was sent to me by a guy named Roman. I don’t know but he happened to be there, and she was Kidnapped by Tokyo her fiancée because he wants to take over her company. Please we need to do something, he ordered for her kill tonight.” He explained as calmly as possible.

“Okay. I have seen the address we would head to save her now.” He said to the other that gathered after Gordon created a scene.

“Send some of your men to the company. Tokyo is still there sitting on her chair and telling people lies that she went on a vacation. I can follow you if you want.” Gordon started sweating profusely.

“You would follow me to the company, while the other men would go to the address below this video.” He said and Gordon nodded.


Beatrice paced around the room, her heart was beating very fast and she couldn’t stop sweating.

The door opened suddenly and she jumped in fright.

“It’s me,” Roman said calming her down and she nodded breathing very hard.

“When is it?” she asked and Roman understood exactly what she meant.

“After you eat. But I trust Gordon would do something before that time.” He said and Beatrice busted into tears.

“What if he doesn’t, Roman…” She mumbled and he stopped her with a deep kiss.

“I promise you. You aren’t dying.” He said against her lips and suddenly they heard footsteps approach.

“Roman she must have been done eating! Bring her…” They heard Damon and suddenly they began to hear gunshots.

“They are here,” Roman said happily looking at Beatrice.

They began to hear gunshots from different angles, and Roman opened the door slowly. He looked at his side peeping outside the door and saw the men were firing.

He waved to Beatrice and she ran to him.

“Stay behind me.” He told her and she nodded. They both ran down the hallway heading straight to the main exit.

They almost got there when Ramon said Damon aim at Beatrice. He pushed Beatrice out of the door and stood in the way for her.

The bullet hit him and Beatrice screamed as she saw Roman fall to the ground. She wanted to go in to hold him but the cops grabbed her and pulled her to the car.

“You can’t leave him! He was the one that saved me!” she yelled and the cops went back to carry Roman.

Some of the criminals got killed by the cops and some were apprehended which included Daniel and Damon.

They packed them into the car and drove out the island. Still in shock, Beatrice looked at Roman who was bleeding from his tummy. He was gasping for air and Beatrice didn’t know what to do.

“Please make haste!! He can’t die this way!!!” She yelled to the cop that was driving.



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