Caught In A Dilemma – Prologue

By: Debby / January 9th, 2023 / 13 views


Caught In A Dilemma




That moment you find yourself in a mess and you keep wondering how you are going to survive that particular mess.




Meet Beatrice Robert, the daughter of a multimillionaire, Mr. Robert Blue. She was known all over Turkey as the most beautiful lady.


She was also a business lady who didn’t depend on her father’s name nor money to feed herself. She is an independent beautiful young woman.


She was also in a relationship with this rich man called Tokyo Denise, though he was rich. But not as rich as Beatrice’s assistant.


But she loved him like that. And they were cool until something happened.


Beatrice was on her way home when these men in masks stopped her vehicle and bundled her into theirs.


The whole of Mr. Drip’s household became restless, so was Tokyo.


Who kidnapped her?


Why would they?


Who is behind this kidnap?