Chika Ike Biography, Career, Personal life, Marriage and Net worth

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Chika Ike Biography, Career, Personal life, Marriage and Net worth

Chika Ike Biography, Career, Personal life, Marriage and Net worth
Chika Ike Biography, Career, Personal life, Marriage and Net worth

Chika Ike is one of the few actresses who has participated in more than 100 Nollywood productions. Chika has always loved performing, especially when she was little, according to her parents. Chika gained the moniker “Fancy Nancy” from her family and classmates due to her passion of playing out short plays while admiring herself in the mirror.


Chika Ike Background

Mr. and Mrs. Ike welcomed Nancy Ike into the world on November 8th, 1985 in Onitsha, Anambra State. In order to complete her studies, she finished a two-year diploma program in human kinetics and health education at the University of Lagos (UNILAG) in 2004.

After finishing her certificate program in 2006, she continued on to obtain a degree in human kinetics and health education from the same college.

Chika Ike graduated from the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles, California, in 2014. She went to the Academy to pursue a career in movies. Chika also studied business at the Harvard Business School. She filed for divorce from her first husband in 2013 due to domestic abuse.

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Chika Ike Career

Chika Ike made her acting debut in the 2005 film Sweet Love, playing a supporting role. In the same year, she landed her first significant role in the film Bless the Child.

Later, she appeared in more than a hundred films, including Paradise, Mirror of Beauty, To Love a Stranger, Girls Got Reloaded, Happy Ending, Yes We Will, Anointed Queen, and The Prince and the Princess, in which she had significant roles.

Mirror of Beauty not only had its U.K. premiere in 2007 at Cineworld and Odeon cinemas, but it was also chosen for and shown at the 2008 Cannes Film Festival.

Her production firm, Chika Ike Production, which she started in 2014, produced both her debut movie, Miss Teacher, and the reality TV game show African Diva, for which she serves as host, executive producer, and member of the judging panel.

While the second season aired on AIT, the first season was broadcast on DStv. She worked with Rok Studios in 2015 to develop films including Stuck on You and Happy Ending.

The Fancy Nancy clothing line by Chika Ike made its debut in Abuja, Nigeria, in 2011.


Chika Ike Personal Life

The actress has previously been married. Tony Eberiri was the name of Chika Ike’s husband. Chika and Tony Eberiri were married from 2006 until their divorce in 2013. Ike accused her husband of a lot of things, and the Abuja High Court granted the divorce.

Tony routinely beat Chika, and once he even caused her to miscarry. Tony also claimed that his ex-wife had tried her hardest to end their marriage.

Additionally, she acknowledged the difficulties of marriage and the fact that everyone has a breaking point.


Is Chika Ike Married ?

Chika Ike separated from her first husband after being married. In a recent interview, Chika asserted that she had good reasons for getting married at the time and did not regret it. She contends that being young just means being young and that being young prevents you from having a full awareness of the various aspects that could protect you from unpleasant circumstances. Chika never had children with her partner despite their marriage.


Chika Ike Net Worth

Nigerian actress and director Chika Ike is well-known. Her estimated net worth is $2 million.

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