Choose between me and Davido ~ Nigerian lady ask her boyfriend and he shock her with his reply [video]

By: Sarkolee / May 6th, 2022 / 104 views

When a Nigerian woman presented her partner with two options, both of which are important to him, he was caught off guard.

Her man is a 30BG lover, which means he is a huge supporter of Davido, an award-winning musician.

He didn’t respond directly when she asked him to pick between her and Davido. He did, however, imply that the DMW boss is his first concern.

The man claims that he knew David before she entered his life. He went on to say that he loved David before he met her.

Disappointed by his reaction, the girl speculated that he is attempting to tell her that he prefers Davido to her.

The girl who revealed that she is a girl then questioned her lover if her man loves him because the ‘FEM’ singer has a lot of money.


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