Comedian Bovi daughter, Elena made a shocking revelation when having conversation his father [see details]

By: Sarkolee / September 10th, 2022 / 17 views

Bovi Ugboma, a comedian from Nigeria, recently recounted a fascinating chat he had with his daughter.

The comedian talked briefly about Elena’s new school with his daughter.

Bovi described how he was astonished when his daughter fiercely denied being a lesbian during their talk.

She had asked the comedian/actor about her new friends.

Elene reported that while she was mingling, one person made a commitment to seat next to her in class.

When Bovi compared it to a date, his daughter pointed out that the two people were the same gender.

Bovi underlined that dating isn’t just for those of the same gender in his statement, which he repeated.

When Elena explicitly declared that she is not a lesbian, he was taken aback.

See their conversation

Bovi: Elena did you make new friends at school today?

Elena: yes dad. One even said she would sit with me in class tomorrow

Bovi: oh that’s like a date

Elena: she’s a girl

Bovi: doesn’t matter Girls go on date

Elena: Daddy! I am not a lesbian

This occurs just days after Bovi Ugboma defended his daughter Elena from the harsh criticism she faced for speaking to him rudely.

In a video he released, Bovi chastised his daughter for watching television while her brother and his wife cooked.

A furious Elena retaliated by telling him that she wasn’t prepared for the drama and that she would instead listen to his voice.