Commitment Issues: Here are 5 reasons why men are scared of serious relationships

Men sometimes get cold feet when they should be going all the way with women they claim to love. Why does this happen?

Many modern relationships begin with chilling out, taking things one step at a time and seeing how

things go.

At some point though, expectations will rise and some form of commitment will be required.
As our article here explains, the fear of commitment in relationships is not peculiar to men, but it appears to be more rampant among them.
Why is this so? Why do men fear to truly commit and make things work with just that one woman?
Here are five reasons why this happens:
1. Search for success
Some men would rather have it all before thinking about committing to a relationship.
Being successful at their jobs/careers, or attaining a certain level means a lot to them and being overly committed to a relationship might be seen as a hindrance to achieving that goal.
2. Freedom

Some men fear that they’ll no longer enjoy the freedom to do as they please, to flirt and remain open to more than one option.
3. What if it doesn’t work out?
If somewhere in his heart he’s still wondering if the woman is good for him or not, or if he has been terribly burnt in a previous relationship, then there will be a fear that the relationship will fail.
And he might be thinking; what is the point of committing to something that seems doomed to fail before it’ properly begun?
4. He doesn’t feel financially prepared
Men commonly draw back from committing fully to a relationship, or taking it to the next level because they feel inadequate at meeting the financial responsibilities of doing so.
5. Lack of excitement
Being married has jokingly been compared to watching one TV station for the rest of your life without the chance to switch channels. It has also been compared to eating the same type of soup over and over again without variety.
Crazy as it sounds, this is what some men think about commitment. They fear that marriage is boring and staying with only one woman is not going to grant them the level of excitement they crave.
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